28. November 2017: Lukas Welz on DW English about controversy over AfD joining board of Bergen-Belsen memorial

Lukas Welz, chairman of AMCHA Deutschland, at Deutsche Welle English

“Lukas Welz, chairman of AMCHA Germany, an aid organization for Holocaust survivors, vividly remembers how, during the national election campaign this fall, the right-wing populists put up an election poster with the picture of a pregnant woman and the line “We’ll make new Germans ourselves” in front of the Bergen-Belsen memorial.

Displaying this xenophobic, anti-immigration poster right by the former concentration camp was a deliberate provocation by the AfD, Welz said.

“Thinking about this and the fact that survivors’ organizations are so opposed to an AfD member on the board, I’ve come to the conclusion that the AfD cannot be on the foundation’s board, because the party is the opposite of everything the foundation wants to achieve,” he told DW.”

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