We welcome applications for participation at the PresentPast Ukraine 2018/2019 qualification measures.

In January 2019, we will start our one-year qualification program in Ukraine for 20 psychologists, social workers and volunteers, who work with vulnerable groups in Ukraine, affected by trauma and collective violence in different ways. These include internally displaced people, refugees, Roma or Shoah survivors. The aim of the program is the promotion of skills, resilience and resources and networking to counter isolation of work, especially after the tense political situation.

The application process has ended.


11 – 13 January 2019 (noon – evening)
24 – 28 April 2019
13 – 18 June 2019 (with a public event on 18 June)


The training will enable the participants to professionalize their handling of the project topic and potentially to train further multipliers. The following criteria apply for the selection of participants:

Proven experience in the area of psychosocial care, counselling and/or support for IDPs, traumatized persons and their relatives;

At least one year full-time and/or volunteering activity in at least one of the following fields: school, youth/social work, psychological counselling, trauma therapy or a comparable field of action in the NGO sector and/or state/municipal structures;

Experience in cooperation with state and municipal structures, offices and decision-makers;

Completed studies and/or training in psychology, psychotherapy, social pedagogy, social work or a similar area;

Willingness to integrate acquired knowledge and basic principles into one’s own fields of work, as well as to apply them in future trainings in the relevant thematic/action field;

– Willingness to participate in all training modules.